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Skills for Life: Nat’s Story

nats story

Scouts prepare young people with skills for life. We encourage our young people to do more, learn more and be more.

This is great video, filmed in Dorset, featuring a young woman called Nat who uses her skills learned by doing, having fun and adventures in Scouting. Enjoy…

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Welcoming our newest Scout Ambassador – Warwick Davis!

Warwick Davis and Bear Grylls

We are delighted to announce actor and director Warwick Davis as our newest Scout Ambassador!

Not only known to millions for his roles in numerous Hollywood films, including the hugely successful Star Wars and Harry Potter series, Warwick is also a well-known television personality, speaker and writer.

Warwick says Scouting

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New Brand, New Strategy – 10 good things to know about our New Brand!

New Brand image

On the 15th May we launched our new strategy, Skills for Life, along with a vibrant new brand. Deputy UK Chief Commissioner Kester Sharpe explains how our focus on skills for life can help us attract more volunteers, and why we will continue to wear our World Scout Membership

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New research confirms: Scouts strengthen communities!

Positive social impact of Scouting

As Scouts, we already know that Scouting develops socially engaged young people – individuals who are curious, kind, welcoming, active, resilient and extraordinarily equipped with skills for life. Now, we have evidence to back it up.

A new research study has revealed, or rather – confirmed, that Scouting develops strong community

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You may remember the article in July, when I wrote about the re-opening of Brookdale Cub Pack, which is now going from strength to strength. Well, it gets better…

From Easter, we started to run taster sessions for young people of Scout age and we were delighted that by July,

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