Kandajam 2022

Broadstone Scout Group is proud to have 9 units in total including the Explorers who base at our HQ- thats 2 Beaver colonies, 3 Cub Packs and 3 Scout Troops as well as the Explorers, all split under the banners of Broadstone, Brookdale, and Springdale. Even with the availability that such a large group brings, we still need a waiting list!.

The link on this page will take you to the application form- This is a district form so please select Broadstone from the list – we’ll sort out which of the three sub-groups you’ll join later. When a place becomes available, we’ll be in touch.

Points to note:

  • Once you are on a list for a group, you cannot be put on a list for another (i.e. if you are already waiting for Poole North, you won’t be added to the Broadstone list)

  • Explorers – Please fill out the form in the same way (however note that the group preference won’t take effect because of the way explorers operate, if you’re interested in a specific unit you know of please mention that in the notes box).


There are many ways you can kick-start your adventure, as a young person, parent or adult volunteer. Our volunteers get involved on their terms and not all roles involve working with young people. If you can give a little time (or a lot) to help improve young lives in your community, we’d love to hear from you.


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