Gill McDonald, GSL

Hello there!  My name is Gill McDonald and I am Broadstone’s Group Scout Leader.  What is a Group Scout Leader?  Think of the headteacher in a school and I carry out a similar management role in the Scout Group – to support our fantastic leadership team as they provide an amazing programme of fun and adventure for our young people. 

I have been involved in Scouting all my life – my Mum was a Cub Leader who married a Scout Leader and I came along some 13 months later!  My background is with the Cub section and I ran Cub packs in London, Turlin Moor and Broadstone before becoming Group Scout Leader in 2009. 

Why have I been Scouting for so many years?  Quite simply, because it is an amazing adventure full of fun.  Seeing our young people develop their confidence and life-skills, and gain so much from the experiences we offer, is immensely rewarding and I feel privileged to be part of the Scouting journey for both our young people and adult volunteers.  Scouting is an opportunity to try new experiences, even as an adult, and to make new friends with similar interests. 

My favourite activities?  Camping (look out for my flowery tent and hat at camp), hiking and camp fires (my virtual campfire sing-alongs during Covid lockdowns became legendary within Broadstone).  

My least favourite activities?  Sporting activities and camp catering – give me responsibility for activities any day!

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