Penknife Permit Scheme

Example permitAt Broadstone we run a Penknife Permit scheme and we train our Scouts how to safely and legally use a Penknife within the UK Scouting environment.

Each Scout has several opportunities during their 4 years in the Scout section to gain their permit and to continue practicing and gaining skills in its use. Scouts are led through an initial 2 hours practical session using the presentation below as a prompt and if leaders are confident that the Scouts have picked up the necessary skills and knowledge, they are awarded their permit.

However the learning does not stop there. Each Scout must regularly practice and develop their Penknife skills and prove to leaders that they are safe to carry on using their Penknife during troop nights, camps and other scouting events.

During the sessions we also cover knife crime, the impact it has, and we finish off by showing the award winning video shown below.

  • Penknife Presentation (PDF)
  • Knife Crime Video (BAFTA Nominated animated documentary about knife crime in the UK, told by the children who are unfortunately involved)
  • Examples of Bladed Articles…

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