What Scouts Wear

Scouts wear a uniform during their weekly meetings and sometimes on trips away, depending on where they’re going and what they’re doing. Usually, this consists of a teal green shirt or blouse with their badges sewn on, which they pair with a scarf, known as a necker. Exact uniforms will vary slightly if your Troop is part of the Air Scouts or Sea Scouts. 

Alongside their shirts, Scouts might wear the accompanying blue uniform trousers or skirt, or they might save their uniform bottoms to wear for special occasions like awards ceremonies and public events – choosing to wear something more casual with their shirt during the week. Optional accessories such as hats, hoodies, are also available.


Where to sew those badges:

Earning Badges

Follow the links to find out about what badges are out there, at our national website

Awards Activity and Staged Badges

Uniform Shopping

You don’t need a uniform to join. But once you’ve settled in, you’ll need somewhere to put the badges! Here are two options- one local, one online:

UK Scout shop  Local Shop